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Software development. ELBIUS is a cloud-based electronic ticketing and automated fare collection digital platform for public transport. Suitable for small and medium-sized transit operators, it also supports the implementation of full-scale, integrated transportation systems. ELBIUS transcends mere “cashless payments in transport” — it accommodates all modern and innovative payment methods, including open-loop, account-based ticketing, and […]
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AI-powered Mixed Reality for a blueprint-free construction. Build complicated easily. LLC “BRIO MRS” is an IT company developer of the mixed reality system for bringing a BIM to the construction site by embedding it in a real environment in mixed and augmented reality modes. The BRIO MRS solution consists of: equipment (mixed reality tablet, licensed […]
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The BAUM software and hardware complex is a high-performance high-capacity data storage system that provides a high level of flexibility, scalability and fault tolerance, ensuring the use of NVMe drives. The company has also developed intelligent AI platform. BAUM is a developer of software solutions for the organization of high–performance, reliable and secure data storage […]
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